Stainless steel screw manufacturers tell you some of the advantages and disadvantages of stainless s

Stainless steel screws can be seen everywhere in our daily life, and can also be used frequently. Stainless steel screws are very practical. But do you understand some of its advantages and disadvantages? Next, let the editor of the stainless steel screw manufacturer take you to find out:

One: Six advantages of stainless steel screws
1. The adaptability is more powerful. For stainless steel screws, they can meet the requirements of the thread size of the male parts, so they can all be used. It can be seen that stainless steel screws can be used more widely than traditional anchor bolts.
2. The installation is simpler. The installation process of traditional anchor bolts in the past was more complicated, but the installation process of stainless steel screws is relatively simple nowadays, which improves the convenience for many users.
3. There are fewer problems encountered during installation, and there is no need to fear that traditional anchor bolts will tilt when drilling. Through the analysis of the corrosion resistance and fracture causes of stainless steel screws, you can directly drill holes when installing stainless steel screws, and then Installation, so that the success rate can reach nearly 100%.
4. Novel design, this design can ensure that the aesthetics of stainless steel screws have been greatly enhanced.
5. There is no trouble when not in use, as long as the stainless steel screw fills the hole, or removes the extra part, so that the safety can be ensured, and it is relatively simple, and does not affect the appearance.
6. It can ensure that the stainless steel screws have higher performance during installation, and the utilization of the screws is greatly improved.
Two: Three disadvantages of stainless steel screws
1. Although the initial cost is higher and the life cycle cost is lower, it is the most economical component solution.
2. It is not suitable for long-term storage or long-term use. It is not resistant to high temperature. The production cost is high. The rusting reaction occurs in acidic solution (not sure).
3. It is easier to break when the teeth are slippery or too strong, and the toughness is worse than that of ordinary iron screws.

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