The choice of stainless steel non-standard screws for Japanese cars is very important

At present, Japanese cars are the first choice of many car buyers, not only because Japanese cars are relatively stable in value, but also because Japanese cars are fully equipped and cost-effective, and there is still a gap compared with domestic cars. But where is the real gap? Most of the time, it is just a screw. The quality requirements of Japanese cars are very strict, even small screws must be strictly controlled within the error range. A good place is good everywhere, and small details determine success or failure.

Hebang Technology has a deep understanding of the ultra-high quality requirements of Japanese products, and our Japanese customers are asking us about their quality standards. All screws should be thoroughly inspected and selected, and bad screws are not allowed to flow into the hands of customers. I have encountered it before. The finished screws have arrived in Japan, but the entire batch was rejected and returned because one screw was defective during the acceptance process.

This is not to find faults, but to have extremely high requirements on quality and be responsible for quality as life. Japanese cars are better than domestic cars, which is a manifestation of the pursuit of the best quality. Domestic cars want to catch up with or even catch up with Japanese cars, at least in the pursuit of quality, they should keep up with Japanese companies, never let go of a small screw.

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